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Työväen Musiikkitapahtuma will take place on 26.-30.2023 in Valkeakoski. The 50-year-old multi-arts festival surprises with its relaxed atmosphere and its program covering different musical styles. In addition to top artists, there will be a high-quality mix of working-class culture, alternative music, free program for children and the elderly, stage poetry, group singing, and TMT Talk – social and topical discussion sessions.

Artists that will take the stage this year; J. Karjalainen, Vesterinen Yhtyeineen, BESS, Ismo Alanko, Erja Lyytinen, Pete Parkkonen, Yona, Paleface, Steve ’n’ Seagulls, Stoned Statues, Ykspihlaja Kino-orchestra and The Troubled Three (SWE ). In addition, the event starts a new kind of collaboration with Saarni Sirkus from Rovaniemi. A large circus tent will be placed to Paperitori serving as an atmospheric and unifying additional stage for the wonderful circus performances and the event’s artists, such as Kimmo Pohjonen, Anna Eriksson and the Roamin’ Street Band. The circus show is for the whole family.

Työväen Musiikkitapahtuma ry is a non-profit cultural association that produces music and cultural events, maintains Kirjaslampi dance stage and engages in producing activities.


What would an experiential train ride to Työväen Musiikkitapahtuma event sound like? This summer it’s possible on Saturday 29.7. You can jump aboard on the Musari train from Tampere and Toijala for the first time. Come and enjoy the music program and the old-time travel atmosphere! Tickets are on sale now.





With the VIP ticket for Työväen Musiikkitapahtuma, you get access to a limited and fully covered lounge area, where you can find a restaurant, bar and water toilets, in addition to the amazing program. This year, the VIP lounge will rise to two floors, so you can enjoy the program with a great view!


Serving includes:


– Coffee, tea and water

– Warm food buffet

– Chosen food drink

– Pastries and coffee rolls

– A small salty snack


Day tickets and event wristbands are available for the entire duration of the festival.



– The great cottage accommodation is coming back to Tietola’s school yard. Small 2-person cabins are brought there, which form an atmospheric cabin village. The

cabins include a mini-fridge, a light, a smoke alarm, storage space and an electrical outlet. When you live in a cottage village, the toilets and showers are located inside the school and there is also a portable toilet outside, especially for night use. Cottage accommodation includes breakfast at Seurakuntatalo, which is located right across the school.

– Tietola’s school is located in the center of the city of Valkeakoski at Kirkkotie 2 and it is about 700m from there to the festival area!

– PRICE for the entire festival period (Thursday-Sunday) €250 or €120/day

(sheets are not included in the price, for an additional fee of €10/person)



Valkeakoski is located along excellent transport connections in South of Pirkanmaa, about 30 kilometers south of Tampere. Most of the bus routes between Tampere and Helsinki go through Valkeakoski. The festival area is located in the city center, in the immediate vicinity of the bus station. The nearest train station can be found in Toijala, about 20 kilometers away.


You can use the Nysse trains from Tampere to Valkeakoski, the zones needed for the trip are ABCD. On Friday and Saturday nights, an extra train departs from Valkeakoski to Tampere at 01:15 from the Valkeakoski bus station.

Timetables can be found at and



Join the happy crowd of volunteers at Työväen Musiikkitapahtuma! There are a wide variety of tasks available, from which everyone can find the one that suits them.


Fill out the application form here and we will contact you during the spring. Thank you in advance!


– In contract work, you commit to at least 2 shifts (6-8 hours, depending on the job).

– Work jobs are based on voluntary work, and no monetary salary or other compensation/consideration is paid for them.

– By participating as a volunteer, the volunteer receives a pass, which allows to move around the area every day of the event.

– Every working day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available in the canteen, as well as coffee, tea, water and small snacks in the break room.

– In addition, all volunteers will be given an event t-shirt.

– Accommodation is available for volunteers from further away at the Tietola school mattress accommodation.

– On Sunday, a special thank you- party is organized for all volunteers.

– You can request a volunteer certificate from the event office after the event.



There is enough work before the event in the construction of the festival, during the festival in numerous tasks and after the event in dismantling the festival.


ROADIE: Let’s help the artist! Roadies take care of the smoothness of the artists’ performances by assisting in band changes according to the information received from the performers and technical raiders (stuff to and from the stage). Roadies also help with everything else during the event. We require readiness for physical work.


CLEANING AND RECYCLING: The cleaning team takes care of the cleanliness of the festival area and the areas in the immediate vicinity, as well as toilet maintenance. We require a fearless and flexible attitude to work.


DECORATING: In the decorating team, you can unleash your creativity. Decoration items can be found throughout the festival area, e.g. from Salakapakka restaurant to the backstage. The work is before the festival, during the festival and after it.


SERVING (K18): Duties include customer service, sales of serving and/or food products, stock replenishment and other restaurant work. The work is during the festival and mainly in the evenings, but there are also shifts starting in the morning. To work in serving, you don’t

need a hygiene or an alcohol pass, but we require 18 years of age, customer service and sales spirit, teamwork skills and a flexible attitude.


FOOD SERVICE: The food service ensures that all volunteers receive food and refreshments during the festival. This talking point is very important during the festival, because you feel better when you are full. A hygiene pass is not required for the position, but it doesn’t hurt either. The most important thing is to make sure that food is available and that the places are kept clean. The work mainly takes place during the festival.


TICKET SALES: In this job, you deal with customers, so you get to show your positive and brisk customer service attitude. In the ticket sales work, money is handled, and the cash register is used (use is instructed). The work mainly takes place during the festival. We require customer service spirit, care and patience.


CONSTRUCTION AND DISMANTLING: The task includes building and dismantling festival structures (e.g. tents, fences, stages) and hanging banners and signs. You don’t have to be a carpenter or construction professional, but please note that the work is physically demanding. The work is done before and after the festival and during the festival.


SECURITY OFFICER: Organization supervision includes taking care of the general safety of the festival and customers as well as directing and guiding customers. The work will take place during the festival. We require a law enforcement card, customer service spirit and a flexible attitude.


OTHER CUSTOMER SERVICE (E.G. INFO, TRAFFIC CONTROL, BIKE PARKING, ETC.): There are many types of tasks in the festival area, which are guided as needed, e.g. customer satisfaction surveys.


We require a customer service spirit, teamwork skills and a flexible attitude, as in other customer service tasks. Smiling is desirable.


PHOTOGRAPHY: The work includes photographing the festival area, the artists, the audience and volunteers. Photographers use their own equipment. We require experience in photography.


Bank or credit card. Cash can be taken at separately announced cash registers.

The nearest ATM is at Koskikara center (Valtakatu 9-11, 37600 Valkeakoski).


The festival offers a wide variety of snacks, from tasty food portions to sweet treats. In addition, there are numerous cafes and restaurants in the center of Valkeakoski. Alcoholic drinks are sold in the Festival area. Bringing your own alcoholic beverages into the area is

prohibited. You can bring your own non-alcoholic drink in an unopened, transparent, max. 1/2 liter plastic bottle.


We make room for everyone. Every person is equal. We respect everyone’s right to self-determination and the freedom to be themselves.

We do not accept discrimination, harassment, or violent behavior.

Everyone has the right to enjoy the event in peace. No one should be treated poorly based on personal characteristics such as age, gender, sexual orientation, size, skin color, ability to function, health, wealth, language, religion, culture, or other background.

We notice each other’s different boundaries and respect them.

No one may be touched without permission or harassed verbally, non-verbally or physically.

Safety is done together.

If you encounter harassment, discrimination or other inappropriate behavior directed at yourself or another person, contact the event staff. If your own actions offend others, be ready to listen and act differently.

If someone does not follow the principles of a safer space or continues to offend others despite the ban, the staff has the right to remove them from the event.


Työväen Musiikkitapahtuma bears its responsibility for the environment.

Here is a list of things that you, as a festival guest, can do for our common environment:

– Prefer public transport, carpooling and cycling when you arrive

– Please use the portable toilets and urinals found in the festival area

– Always take your trash to the recycling bins

– Recycle! Please make sure that your garbage ends up at the appropriate collection points

– When you return your can to the deposit point, you get a €1 refund


You may not bring your own alcoholic beverages, animals, or objects classified as dangerous to the event area. Umbrellas and picnic chairs must be left in the luggage storage upon arrival. Disposable raincoats are for sale in the area.


Luggage storage is available at the gate of the Festival area. The price of storage is €2


Found goods are delivered to the event office at 12:00 the day after each event day.

Unclaimed lost items will be delivered to the Valkeakoski police station (Apiankatu 5) immediately after the event.


In the festival area, smoking is allowed in specially marked areas. Smoking is prohibited in the tents and in the immediate vicinity of the performance stages!


Video recording, recording and commercial filming of performances is prohibited without a special filming permit, which is granted by the festival organization on a case-by-case basis through accreditation.

System cameras and comparable filming equipment need a separate filming permit.

All recordings are made in accordance with the Copyright Act and regulations. Taking normal photos to add festival memories with a mobile phone and paperback is allowed and recommended

+ WC

There are plenty of both toilet cubicles and urinals in the event area. There are also disabled toilets in the Festival area.